This lawn mower is amazing

This lawn mower is amazing

Incredible machine for your lawn

Having a medium or large lawn though, will likely require a ride on mower or you to employ a specialised service to cut the grass.

Ryobi riding electric lawn mower

Usually, a ride on mower has a petrol engine. As any internal combustion engine, it will need maintenance, fuel (from a jerry can) and it will make a lot of noise.

But if we are looking at one of the recent products from Ryobi, things will look slightly different.

Their electric ride on lawn mower is coming as an alternative to the old, petrol ones. If you think that you can charge its battery from solar panels, then you can forget about fuel canisters and regular trips to a gas station to fill them up. Operating this machine will probably not waking up your family or your neighbours. Most important, it will protect the environment and not releasing that awful smell from the combustion gas exhaust.

The technical specifications are awesome:

There are four different configurations available. Here it is some data for the most expensive one:

Drive Type: Rear-wheel

Power Type: Cordless Electric

Cutting Height: 1.5 – 4.5″

Acres: 2.5+

Weight: 695 lbs.

Deck Size: 38″

See it in action here:

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