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VPC faucet and airdrops

First VPC faucet and airdrop campaign launching

We are happy to announce that the first VoltPotCoin (VPC) faucet has just been launched, alongside with the first airdrop campaign for our platform registered users. [...]

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Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van

Most of us like ice cream. Anyway, kids surely do.

fastest electric ice cream van in the worldIn March 2020, a new Guinness World Record was recorded for the fastest electric ice cream van. This (converted) van reached a zooming speed of 118.964 km/h (73.921 mph). [...]

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Why is Tesla getting poor reviews ?

Tesla is getting poor reviews from the British owners

tesla poor reviews from uk customersAccording to Trustpilot UK , Tesla is registering only 1.9 stars out of 5, at the time we are writing this. Many of UK Tesla buyers are complaining of the poor customer support and the very long waiting times for different service issues. [...]

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Cybertruck Pre Orders are skyrocketing

Tesla's Cybertruck pre orders looks like being well above half a million at the moment.

tesla cybertruck electric pickupFor only $100 or £100 in UK, you can place a Cybertruck pre order in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that this affordable deposit is fully refundable. Considering only these aspects, it's easy to understand why there are more than 650.000 people already in a queue to get their Cybertruck delivered. [...]

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Electric car charging fail

When electric car charging goes wrong, there is not much you can do.

a failure during the charging process leads to a massive fireWe don't know the cause of this car catching fire, but you can see how fast spreading and how devastating that fire is. It looks like the car's batteries exploded. [...]

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How you can easily save your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in just 2 steps

Do not dispose your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) prematurely

One of the uninterruptible power sources we use stopped abruptly a few days ago. It is about a PowerWalker VI 2200VA IEC 1100W unit, which has been operating 24/7 for the last 5 power supply 2200va [...]

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Fully Electric Combat Tank

Fully Electric (unmanned) Tank is here

In some of our previous articles we mentioned different types of fully electric vehicles. All of them are designed for civil purposes. This time though we will show you a fully electric military combat tank.fully electric combat tank [...]

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Drive Through Coronavirus NHS Testing – VIDEO

As the British Government recently announced, coronavirus testing for NHS employees has started across UK.

In collaboration with Boots, biological sampling stations for NHS staff have been set up in certain locations throughout England. This measure was taken due to the fact that a significant number of doctors and nurses in the system were self-isolating at home.nhs drive through coronavirus testing [...]

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Fight Covid-19 !

All over the World, governments, businesses and people endure a very tough fight against Covid-19 viral pandemic.

Everyone able to help in this unexpected Covid-19 pandemic situation should receive all our support. Therefore, our portal is coming forward with the following measures:covid19 dual colour 3d printed board [...]

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