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Climate Change – the biggest threat to future generations

Climate change is a bitter reality.

Saying that climate change doesn’t exist, it will be just a simple and dangerous denial of facts. We can fight and win, together.

The Facts

  • Our children are facing a different World than we experienced at their age.
  • Climate Change is an undeniable reality.
  • Electric Energy is needed by everyone. You are using it right now.
  • Energy Independence is something everyone would wish for.
  • Renewable Energy (solar, wind) is a FREE resource for Everyone.
  • Home Solar Panels installations are getting more and more popular.
  • Electric Car ownership is rising exponentially.
  • No National Grid is able to handle the predicted full energy request for EV charging.
  • Energy Companies are already switching to renewable energy, in order to SELL it to you.

Our Project’s Impact

This is how the “Social Energy” platform will make our World better:

  • Use the Energy as soon as it’s being generated. A significant part of the energy is lost through the distribution systems. By using that energy on the spot, while it’s being produced (e.g. your home solar panels combined with your empty parking space), there is essentially  no energy loss.Voltpot is fighting against climate change
  • Avoid “Dumping”. Solar and wind energy is used and stored in different ways. There will always be moments, though, when the excess is being “dumped”. This excess we think it can be used by “sharing” it. This is how our “Virtual Battery” concept works.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. It’s actually simple: by using the energy straight away, as close as possible to the generating site, the need for additional cables and additional batteries is significantly reduced.
  • Decrease The Load on the Public Electric Grids. The electric car number is estimated to jump from 3.000.000 these days to more than 120.000.000 in the next 10 years. None of any national electricity grids are able to handle such energy demand. Governments are looking for a solution, but we have it already, at VOLTPOT® : use the energy on the spot, as we’ve presented already above.
  • Minimise the Currency need. By using our Volt-Point system, there will be an even further improvement when it comes to the costs related to the energy transfers. Part of the energy loss lies on the bank transfers and taxes being applied for currency transactions related to energy.
  • Energy Efficiency Mindset. People using VoltPot® platform will set up their daily activities in a such a way to get the most out of the VoltPot’s platform benefits. From having a cup of coffee in town to making an appointment or planning their holiday, every action they undertake on our platform will be focused on one single term: “Energy”. And people will try to get the most of it. And this how, slow but sure, the world will change, because people will change the way they look at this important aspect of our civilisation: “Energy”.

“Social Energy” is our Unique and Original Concept

Everything in one single place – (please Click on the highlighted text to find out more)

  • ENERGY FREEDOM. We’ve built our platform so it will be like a “Virtual Battery” to you.
  • SOCIAL PLATFORM. Our Wallsection is not only a an advertising place. You can interact with it and use it in the same way you do with the other main Social Media networks.
  • MAP LOCATOR. On our front page, any visitor can see the nearest Volt-Spots (a Volt-Spot is the location where anyone could charge a device or an EV). The user’s location is GPS reported, automatically, by our platform.
  • BOOKING SYSTEM. Probably you used already platforms like… We have the system integrated and ready to be used, including for EV Charging services.
  • ONLINE MARKETPLACE. If you ever did shoppings on Amazon, then you’ll definitely recognise the similarity of our Shoppingintegrated section.
  • JOBS MARKET. Looking for a job? You might find the ideal one on one of our Volt-Spots. Or, you could find the best employee, if you run a business. It’s all here
  • FEEDBACK SYSTEM. Just like you would review a business on the for example…
  • And more …


Is your business ready for the future?

your business surviving voltpotYour business might close its doors sooner than you think.

Hopefully that your business will never have to face very hard times. We were telling you, though, on a previous article, about different types of businesses which closed their doors recently.

How likely it is though, for the same thing to happen to you? [...]

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Electric ATV by DRR

this is a fully functional electric ATV

An electric ATV project developed by an American Company is promising an adult compatible scale ATV, 100% electric.

The prototype is already functional and [...]

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Google Plus is closing

google plus is closingIt's been announced by Google that Google Plus (Google+) service will close on the 2nd April 2019.

As you already know, VOLTPOT® platform is highly integrated with the main Social Media websites, including the Google Plus service. As this service will be suspended from April 2019, we will remove the "Google+" button/link from our platform as well. [...]

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Close Your Business ?

are you ready to close your businessThere are more and more car dealers deciding to close their business.

You might be wondering why is that happening?

Obviously, there could be [...]

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” Volt Spotter ” ?! See if you could be one !

volt spotter looking behind the wallWhat is a "Volt Spotter" ?

To be honest, our team came out with this "Volt Spotter" name. It all started when we've launched our iVolt-Spotted package. As the people registering on our platform by using this free subscription got more and more, we were looking for a title. [...]

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Quiz – February 2019

quiz electric cars voltpotFrom today we will have a monthly quiz for you to try.

Complete this quiz.

Share the result with your friends on social media and let us know about this. By doing so, you can get some perks from us...

See if you know some basic things about electric vehicles. The world is switching towards other energy sources rather than coal and oil. It's time for you to learn new things...


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Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

voltpot privacy policy updatePrivacy Policy on our platform has just been updated.

It's important for us to be open about what we're doing to develop a better experience for you, hence we've just updated our Privacy Policy.

A full description of information that we share, such as your reviews and feedback, your preferences, fraud information and selected browsing information, can be found in our updated Privacy Statement. [...]

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Solar Panels producing energy without LIGHT ?

solar panels generating power from rainWe all know that the solar panels are useless during the night time and their efficiency is significantly reduced by the clouds, during the daytime.

It might be though a solution to these issues. A recent research conducted by a Chinese laboratory at Soochow University, demonstrates that we could harvest energy from solar panels even it's dark outside. To be more precise, [...]

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Several minutes of your time, valued more than $1.000 !

time for you to submit location

Join our free "iVolt-Spotted" program and you can consider a $10/minute value action, each time you submit a new Volt-Spot on our Social Integrated map.

It should take no more than 5 minutes for you to submit a new Volt-Spot.

It's easy. Just follow these three steps:


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