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How you can easily save your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in just 2 steps

Do not dispose your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) prematurely

One of the uninterruptible power sources we use stopped abruptly a few days ago. It is about a PowerWalker VI 2200VA IEC 1100W unit, which has been operating 24/7 for the last 5 power supply 2200va [...]

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Fully Electric Combat Tank

Fully Electric (unmanned) Tank is real.

In some of our previous articles we mentioned different types of fully electric vehicles. All of them are designed for civil purposes. This time though we will show you a fully electric military combat tank. [...]

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Drive Through Coronavirus NHS Testing – VIDEO

As the British Government recently announced, coronavirus testing for NHS employees has started across UK.

In collaboration with Boots, biological sampling stations for NHS staff have been set up in certain locations throughout England. This measure was taken due to the fact that a significant number of doctors and nurses in the system were self-isolating at home.nhs drive through coronavirus testing [...]

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Fight Covid-19 !

All over the World, governments, businesses and people endure a very tough fight against Covid-19 viral pandemic.

Everyone able to help in this unexpected Covid-19 pandemic situation should receive all our support. Therefore, our portal is coming forward with the following measures:covid19 dual colour 3d printed board [...]

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Off-Road SUVs fully electric

Have you heard about Rivian?


Those who are passionate about electric cars, no doubt, have learned about the success of Elon Musk with his Tesla cars.

Tesla has long promised to launch an electric off-road vehicle as well. This has not happened yet.4x4 electric truck rivian [...]

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Why to list your company with us ?

Customers Focused on Your Company

Regardless of whether we are talking about products or services, any company that wants to thrive needs a very close relationship with its business directory


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This lawn mower is amazing

Incredible machine for your lawn

Having a medium or large lawn though, will likely require a ride on mower or you to employ a specialised service to cut the grass.

Ryobi riding electric lawn mower


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Tesla Model 3 – EuroNCAP test

tesla model 3 euro ncap crash testTesla Model3 - crash test

Tesla Model 3 managed to score 5/5 stars in the recent safety tests conducted by EURO NCAP .

In this video, published by EURO NCAP, you can see it why.


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Smart Drone

A drone controlled by bare hands

We were looking in the smart drone category products available on market. This little one got our attention. Looks like it's part of a Sci-Fi movie. The way you can control it makes you feel like a "Jedi".dji smart spark drone [...]

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