Find here some answers regarding our original concept of “Social Energy”. If you are already familiar with our platform but would like to find more, please visit our knowledge base or our video academy for more detailed documentation.

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Comprehensive documentation of VoltPot Charge platform for Clients and Business owners.

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Official VoltPot Facebook page support, with Messenger support during business days.

Video Academy

Step by step video tutorials on how to work with VoltPot platform in a most effective way.

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Business related FAQ

What will my business gain from this ?

Well, there are a few things which might be of interest for your business. Long story short:  being a Volt-Spot on the VoltPot’s map means more customers, more visibility, increased income, services expansion with almost no effort.

  1. You will drive more customers to you.
  2. Any of these customers could become a valuable employee of your business as your available jobs positions are visible on your page.
  3. You will expand with no significant costs the range of your services by offering to your clients a Volt-Spot ( this is usually just a power socket which already exists at your premises ).
  4. You will have your “Social Energy” WALL page for your business, in a similar way you have your Facebook page for example, where your clients can comment on your posts and giving feed-backs.
  5. If you decide to setup a “paid booking” products in your store ( e.g. electric car charge parking place with hourly payment ) then you will successfully monetize that parking place and increase your business income.

How to register a business ?

In order to register on VoltPot Charge platform as a business user you have two options:

  1. When you register on our website you register straight away as “Business” user.
  2. If you register as a “Client” , when you login you will see a button which lets you upgrade your account to a “Business” level. You will get a notice making you aware that this account upgrade is irreversible and no downgrade back to “Client” status is possible .
  3. You can register by choosing one of our Subscription Packages .

What are the costs to register a business ?

To register a business is now FREE of charge. ( T&C’s apply according to the Subscription Packages limitations )

Please check our Subscription Packages page .

How many businesses can I register ?

You can register maximum 10 businesses with one single account on VoltPot Charge website. ( subject to your membership level )

If you need to register more than 10 businesses ( e.g. You own a chain of restaurants ) you will have to contact us and we will make it possible .

What are the operating costs ?

When you use the VoltPot Charge platform the following costs will occur:

  1. Subscription costs ( as described in our Subscription Packages page ). These costs can be reduced to ZERO ( lifetime or time limited ) or can be significantly reduced according to VoltPot® promotions and offers. ( please SUBSCRIBE to VoltPot® newsletter in order not to miss such opportunities )

  2. Selling fees . If you are a “Vendor” on our platform, selling products or services, you will be paid hourly for any purchased item/service. You will receive in your PayPal account ( you need to set this up in your VoltPot business profile ) the listed amount for that product/service less 4.4% and fixed $0.35 per order, representing the fees applied to VoltPot® by PayPal and the VoltPot’s administrative costs. These figures are subject to change according to any changes made in the future by PayPal. We are working on additional methods of payment ( bank transfer, checks, on collection, etc. ) and you will be informed from time by the newsletters will send to our subscribers with these occasions.

  3. “Volt-Point” ⓥℙ  : We implemented ( subject to further improvements ) our internal “virtual currency” named “Volt-Points” ⓥℙ ). These points are being offered during the registration process, allocated during Subscription purchases and can be bought on VoltPot® website as well. The ⓥℙ will be needed when you publish Offers of your business, when you advertise Jobs and when you want to transfer ⓥℙ  to another user of our platform. In the near future you will be able to “generate” your own ⓥℙ when you sell energy ( e.g. when your business is providing electric vehicle charging service, or a “Volt-Spot” for other rechargeable devices, like small mobile devices ). This way you will be able to use your own generated ⓥℙ  to any “Volt-Spot” business on our map, minimising the usual currency’s costs of payment/transfer ( e.g. the PayPal payments fees ). For limited time only or during occasional VoltPot® promotions, we reserve the right to allocate FREE ⓥℙ  to our registered members in order to help them improving their services being offered within the VoltPot’s platform. Discounted ⓥℙ purchase price are being offered according with your Subscription level ( milli-Volt, Volt or Mega-Volt ). You can check the RRP for  ⓥℙ  on our Subscription Packages page . At the moment the costs for Offers and Jobs submissions are 2ⓥℙ/submission and costs for Volt-Points transfers are 1ⓥℙ/transaction. As an example, when you subscribe for a Mega-Volt level membership you will be automatically granted with 500ⓥℙ giving you the freedom of 250 Offers and/or Jobs advertising submissions with no additional costs.

Personal use FAQ

Why would I want to be a VoltPot client?

Well, there are quite a few good reasons to be registered with VoltPot. Have a look at this video first:

  1. You will not need to worry about your device ( phone, tablet, laptop ) battery charge level. By just entering on VoltPot’s main webpage you will see your real time geographical position surrounded by the nearest Volt-Spots ( they are registered businesses offering free of charge or paid electric power sources ). This way you don’t even need to carry additional batteries or power banks in your pockets. You will charge on the way.
  2. You will be able to find maybe the job of your life, as the Volt-Spots ( listed businesses ) has the ability to publish job offers which might be of interest for you.
  3. You can get discounts and benefit of different promotions being offered by the Volt-Spot chosen by you to charge your device. Some of these promotions will be made available exclusively for VoltPot clients.
  4. If you have solar panels on your roof, or just an empty parking space on your driveway, you could start to monetize it by selling electricity to the Electric/Hybrid Car drivers. For doing this you will have to upgrade your VoltPot account to a Business Owner account with just two clicks. ( to find out more about the VoltPot business account please have a look on this page under ” Business related FAQ ” column )
  5. You can buy and earn VP ( Volt Points ) which are transferrable between VoltPot registered users. This means that you could get rid of the issues usually coming when using different currencies.

How to register as a Client ?

In order to register as a Client on VoltPot Charge platform you have two options:

  1. You Signup and choose “Client” in the required field from the Signup registration form.
  2. You Signup using one of your social media accounts ( Facebook, Google+).

How to create a "happy charging area" ?

While visiting different Volt-Spots in your area, you can add them to “Favourites” list if you feel that those Volt-Spots are reliable for your interest and activity.

Is just 1 mouse click effort : Click the “Star” symbol on that particular Volt-Spot business profile you like and will be added automatically to your Favourite list. Will be much easier for you to track offers and jobs available in that particular Volt-Spot .

What are the costs ?

As a Client of the VoltPot’s platform your membership will be FREE of charge.

  • Please note that if you opt in to upgrade your “Client” account to a “Business Owner” account, this is an irreversible step and you might have to pay for different services as all registered businesses in the future.

How can I find a Job with VoltPot ?

There are couple of ways you could find the best job for you on VoltPot’s platform :

  1. When you are visiting/browsing one of the Volt-Spot businesses on our map, you might find them advertising vacancies, hence will be easy to contact them online or right onsite while charging your device with them. ( see here an example )

  2. You can search for a Job using the VoltSpot’s generic JOBS PAGE here and narrow your list according to your preferences.