Close Your Business ?

Close Your Business ?

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Many Businesses have to close their door

You might be wondering why is that happening?

There could be a thousand of reasons, for a business to close. Starting from their geographical location and ending with a bad management.

are you ready to close your business

As you can see in this article, car dealers having decades of car selling activity are facing now “the future” and are being forced to close their doors.

A similar thing is happening to the High Street Shopping sector due to the e-commerce boost. What the business managers don’t understand yet is that the online presence of their products and services is vital in order to “survive”.

It’s so evident that the customers are looking now for so much more.

You can have an excellent product or provide an impeccable service, but if they are not to be found online fast and clear, you will not sell them. On top of this, your customers like to interact with you (online) by asking questions and by giving feedback to your business. They find it so easy by doing this online and with no much “finger-effort” (searching on different websites). They would always want to compare your business with other similar ones by using all sorts of personal criteria.

To mention just a few of them:

Geographical Location

When it comes to “Feel and Touch” a product or to get a regular service (e.g. having your dinner, repair an item, having a haircut done), people will tend to look at the nearest location. Almost everyone has a GPS enabled phone. All they need is to find you on the map. This is why our Frontpage is showing a MAP. So your business to be seen straight away by anyone in your vicinity.

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Direct Contact

People’s trust will likely increase when they can contact you and interact with you, online. This is about more than just providing them with a phone number or an email address (which is important otherwise). They would also like to save TIME during this communication process. Hence, your Wall Posts will give them this opportunity, as well as the Internal Messaging System. Not to mention that even if they don’t buy (yet) from you, an interesting product or service which you post on your business wall, can be shared on the main social media networks with just one click. Have you thought about what important marketing tool is this for your business?

Special Offers

There is no need to say that everyone likes discounted prices and special offers. Do you want to catch someones attention? Make an OFFER. This will be an important step for you not only to make a one-time sale, but to make a customer to come back to you. When someone marks your business as “Favourite” on our platform, they will get an email every time you make a post on your wall (including further Offers you might decide to put forward).


Before purchasing a product or a service, any customer would like to know about its quality. They will look into that product/service description, but more important to them it will be another customer’s feedback. Get higher customer feedback rating and the sales will boost in no time.

There are other factors which might shape the way your business is addressing to your clients/customers and our innovative platform has them implemented already. We’ll not get through all of them in this article, but we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions at any time. Just use our Contact Form.

The reality of our times is clear, though: if a business has not considered itself as an interactive, social media integrated, online entity, sooner or later this will definitely inflict its activity or even its existence.

Would you like to close your business in the near future by just not considering our unique offer?

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