Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

voltpot privacy policy updatePrivacy Policy on our platform has just been updated.

It’s important for us to be open about what we’re doing to develop a better experience for you, hence we’ve just updated our Privacy Policy.

A full description of information that we share, such as your reviews and feedback, your preferences, fraud information and selected browsing information, can be found in our updated Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement also includes information on your rights, including your right to object to the sharing of your information for certain purposes, such as personalisation. Please note that you have the option to view/download your personal data at any time, from your Voltpot account. You also have the option to delete all your data from our servers if you ever want to do so.

Thanks again for using us in the past, and look out for an even better experience in the future.

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