Our children, our future

Our children, our future

Children need us !

Our children are gathering together and say : “Reduce gas emissions ! Recycle ! Too much waste ! Climate change ! Next generation?!”

King Michael of Romania once said : “I don’t see this country as an inheritance from our parents, but as a country we borrowed from our children.”

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Here, at VOLTPOT®, we strongly believe that what we do today, will build our children’s future. We do believe that all the parents love their children and should try to offer them more than they ever dreamed of for themselves. We look at “responsibility” as the cornerstone of our children’s future.

Hence, we built this innovative “Social Energy” platform.

We truly believe that the years to come will reveal renewable energy as the best option we have. We are building this innovative platform to be used by our kids so they can offer more to our grandchildren.

Don’t forget to listen your children! They are already fighting climate change.

Dana Henao, 16, from Brentwood, Long Island, marked her first climate protest joining Greta Thunberg’s initiative. Here what she said, according to The Guardian:

“The government isn’t taking enough action to protect the environment and all they care about is the money they make with corporations polluting the planet and I think we should put a stop to it. The young people are the only ones taking action and we want to call attention to this.”

Let’s work together, for the only future we have: our children!

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