Select or modify your Subscription level

Select or modify your Subscription level

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Your Subscription level is responsible of what features are available for you, on our platform.

There are two ways your subscription level can be activated.

One way is when you choose the subscription level directly from our Subscription Page. In this case your subscribing process generates a “Business Owner” account automatically and it’s all set. You can Login to your account and setup your Business details.

The other way is when you join our platform via the Signup process and choose the “Business Owner” account type. In this case you will have to choose a Subscription Package from your dashboard, after logging in to your account.

The way for you to do this is to be seen in this video:


IMPORTANT:  If you have difficulties with the LOGIN process (e.g. wrong password or unsure about your login details) , please DO NOT try multiple times as this could trigger our security system and block your access. Use “Forgot Password” function instead.

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