Moldovita Hill – VOLTPOT®

R2120112 TD02 V1

Moldovita Hill – VOLTPOT®

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Selling this brand new Dashcam. It is overpriced if you look to buy it with USD, just because I am more interested to get paid in VoltPotCoins (VPC). You can mine VPCs yourself, so this way you could pay VPC instead USD.
Hence, you can have it somehow free if paying with VPC for it… 😉


2 thoughts on “Moldovita Hill – VOLTPOT®”
AllForOne says:

Can You add shipping to poland ? How much VPC You want for it ?

Robert VP says:

VPC for the camera are listed on the shop. To have it delivered to Poland it will be 1000VPC extra. So it will be 6908.80 VPC. You can place the order and pay the item ( 5908.80 VPC). Once this is done, I’ll give you (by email) my wallet code for you to transfer the postage VPC costs too.

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