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      Robert VP
      Title: Improve VPC Wallet CSS
      Name: VPC-Wallet-CSS
      Term: 1 cycle
      Cycle Amnt: 7600 VPC
      Total Amnt: 7600 VPC
      Author: Robert
      Receiver: Robert
      Address: vtGNJhG5hzzAYwqdLrogXWscAgx2KX6dCp
      Created: 12-07-2021
      Status: Submitted for voting

      I will aim to improve the readability and visual impact for VoltPotCoin Wallet.

      Proposal hash:

      Vote hash:

      Commands for Debug Console:

      “mnbudgetvote many < vote hash > yes” to vote in favor
      “mnbudgetvote many < vote hash > no” to vote against
      "getbudgetinfo VPC-Wallet-CSS” to check the status

Viewing 0 reply threads
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