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      Ema Baciu

      I have a decent mountain bike and I was looking to transform it into an ebike. I’ve seen that there are mainly three main options to do this:
      – a rear wheel hub
      – a front wheel hub
      – a crank motor
      Considering that I don’t have much experience (close to zero) in modifying bicycles, I would really love to learn from someone having more expertise .

      Does it make a big difference the position of that electric motor (front, rear or middle) when it comes to a “heavy load” like myself?

      Found this type of motor, but I’ll have to drop my 3 existing gears… I don’t know…

      electric bike crank motor

      Thanks in advance for anyone happy to help me here.

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      Kate Ross

      Apparently there are pros and cons for every type of modification you mentioned.

      I found this video quite useful. Have a look:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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