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Is your business ready for the future?

Your business might close its doors sooner than you think

Hopefully that your business will never have to face very hard times. We were telling you, though, on a previous article, about different types of businesses which closed their doors recently.

your business surviving voltpot


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” Volt Spotter ” ?! See if you could be one !

What is a "Volt Spotter" ? - discontinued

To be honest, our team came out with this "Volt Spotter" name. It all started when we've launched our iVolt-Spotted package (discontinued). As the people registering on our platform by using this free subscription got more and more, we were looking for a title.

volt spotter looking behind the wall


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Quiz – February 2019

A quiz for you every month

Complete this quiz.

Share the result with your friends on social media and let us know about this. By doing so, you can get some perks from us...

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