Your Solar Panels in your pocket

Your Solar Panels in your pocket

Interested about the solar panels efficiency ?

When you decide to install solar panels on your house roof, you obviously start taking into account many factors. How efficient they are? Do you need six, eight or twenty panels? Will it be better to purchase additional batteries or to consider to sell the excess in the grid? What the costs versus benefits are? And so on…

portable energy from my solar panels

Not many though are thinking about what to do with the energy being produced in excess at a certain time.

Just bear in mind that the solar energy is being produced during the daytime, when the consumption is low. Yes, you will say that it will be stored in your batteries. But these batteries will get full at some point and any additional energy will be dumped or being loaded to a grid.

At Voltpot® , we developed an innovative concept which will give you the possibility to virtually store the electric energy by “Sharing” it. Pretty interesting, isn’t it ?

It’s simple. For example, if you have an electric car, you charge it at a remote location ( e.g. work place ) by using the Volt-Point payment system. Those Volt-Points are being “generated” by your own solar panels at home while someone else is charging their electric car, on your empty parking place ( as you are already at work for example ).

This is what we call “Social Energy” at VOLTPOT®.

Please have a look at the picture below and also spend two minutes to watch the attached movie as well. We are waiting for your thoughts and also to join our platform today.

Network Diagram Template

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