Coronavirus Covid-19 Medal

Coronavirus Covid-19 Medal

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A Covid-19 medal for all those fighting with coronavirus as well as for those who survived this virus


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How important it is for people to keep their morale up these days, during this worldwide battle with the coronavirus Covid-19?

Either it’s about someone who survived the Covid-19 infection or it’s about doctors and nurses working in the front line and fighting for their patients lives, a small thing like this could boost their morale.

Therefore we designed this medal in two versions: “Survivor” and “Fighter”. It’s including a 3D model section of Covid-19.

The models we tried to print were all using PLA and we found out that an infill rate of at least 40% gives better results, mainly for the top flat layers.

Use the minimum layer heigh allowed by your machine. We’ve tested the model on 0.08mm, 0.16mm and 0.2mm layers with the option “adaptive layer heigh” activated in Cura slicer.

For getting the badge and the medal linked together you can use a small key ring, multicolour braided strings or print out a ring of your choice.

We’ve used a small magnet on the back of the badge in order to hang the medal as seen in the pictures, but you can glue a brooch pin as well.


This is not a physical product. By purchasing this item you’ll be able to download all .stl  files needed for a good 3D print of this item in your favourite colours. This item is being sold for non-commercial use only.

If you need a commercial license for using this concept and model, please contact us here.

This model/design is protected by Copyright. 

Robert VP

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