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Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

Privacy Policy on our platform has been updated

It's important for us to offer you the best experience while visiting or using our platform. Our Privacy Policy content has been updated. Please read it carefully.

voltpot privacy policy update


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Solar Panels producing energy without LIGHT

How's this even possible?

We all know that the solar panels are useless during the night time and their efficiency is significantly reduced by the clouds, during the daytime.

solar panels generating power from rain [...]

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Snowmobile for Santa

Upgraded Santa's Sleigh

These days, many good kids are waiting for Santa. We thought you might like to learn about this electric snowmobile  (upgraded Santa's sleigh).

electric snowmobile taiga ts2 [...]

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Buzzzzz... What's that sound?

I remember having a walk in a forest one day. Kids, our dog, nice weather, summer time, fresh air, birds singing... Anything more relaxing than this ?! It was perfect, until we started to hear a buzz...

Buzz sound you will never hear on the Moon


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Carbon Emissions Cut

45t less Carbon Emissions

You probably noticed that the carbon emissions is making the news headlines these days. The reason is obvious: we are risking our civilisation's own existence by continuing to load the air with carbon dioxide.

leicester leys carbon emission [...]

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Electric Cars are not a new concept

Why Electric Cars reappear ?

Electric Cars are getting more and more popular these days. Many of us are looking at them as being a new, innovative movement in the transportation sector. Do you think the concept is new?

electric car in 1941


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Your Solar Panels in your pocket

Interested about the solar panels efficiency ?

When you decide to install solar panels on your house roof, you obviously start taking into account many factors. How efficient they are? Do you need six, eight or twenty panels? Will it be better to purchase additional batteries or to consider to sell the excess in the grid? What the costs versus benefits are? And so on...

portable energy from my solar panels


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Flying Bike is here

Get yourself on this electric "flying bike" and off you go !

We were telling you recently about an electric tractor being available on the market, but who was thinking that a "flying bike" is also out there? Recently, an eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) vehicle hit the market: Scorpion 3 Hoverbike (S3 2019 Hoverbike).

flying bike evtol hoverbike [...]

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Charging Stations Financing for businesses (UK)

Financing for installing Electric Car charging stations

If you have a business located in the UK you can get financing from the Government if you decide to install charging stations.

UK Government financing for businesses who install charging stations [...]

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