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Charging Stations Financing for businesses (UK)

Financing for installing Electric Car charging stations

If you have a business located in the UK you can get financing from the Government if you decide to install charging stations.

UK Government financing for businesses who install charging stations [...]

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Electric Tractor is here

Electric Tractor for farmers

Not everyone is planning to buy an electric tractor. Unless you have a farm to take care of, obviously.

electric tractor e100 vario


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Free membership offer

It's still Free

Today we activated our FREE membership promotional code for the Milli-Volt level subscription package.

It is suitable for almost any type of business. CLICK HERE to see our business categories.

free membership offer from voltpot [...]

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LIFETIME FREE membership giveaway contest

Free Giveaway offer - Discontinued

Here it is your unique chance of getting one LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP* (RRP £8.550) completely FREE.

( This contest will be validated if the total number of participants is over 100. Hence it is very important to share it with your friends, not only for getting FREE additional entries for yourself. )

LIFETIME FREE mega volt level membership

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Our kids are our future

Do you love your children ?

"Reduce gas emissions ! Recycle ! Too much waste ! Climate change ! Next generation?!"


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Giveaway Program

Enter, Share and Win ! - discontinued

Today we've launched our Giveaway Program.

It is a very easy method for anyone to get FREE stuff now.


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