Private Service Offers via Message

Private Service Offers via Message

Did you know you can use Businesses Message tool for exclusive Service Offers? Well, as you can see in the following video, the Private Message tool is not just for discussion. Businesses can present personalized service offers to customers. Usually, these offers are either triggered by a specific request from the customer or may appear [...]read morePrivate Service Offers via Message

Change your subscription by using a Discount/Promo Code

Already have an active subscription on our platform? This is how to upgrade/change your subscription with a Promotional Discount Code:  

Select or modify your Subscription level

Your Subscription level is responsible of what features are available for you, on our platform. There are two ways your subscription level can be activated. One way is when you choose the subscription level directly from our Subscription Page. In this case your subscribing process generates a “Business Owner” account automatically and it’s all set. [...]read moreSelect or modify your Subscription level

Make a Business Wall Post

Business Wall Posts is one of the best marketing tool on our platform. Make a wall post on your business page. Your posts will be automatically displayed on the Main Wall of our network. This way you can generate leads to your business from anywhere in the World. Because of the integrated Social Media buttons, [...]read moreMake a Business Wall Post

Edit your Business

Wondering how to edit your business? It’s quite easy for you to do it. If you’ve already submitted your business to our platform and you would like to amend some details of it, you can do this at any time. Please see the Demo Video below. You might want to have a look at these [...]read moreEdit your Business

Submit a Business with your “Business Owner” account

You will need an active “Business Owner” account to submit a Business/Location on VOLTPOT® map You can register as a “Business Owner” here. If you’ve registered as a “General User” you can upgrade (free) to a “Business Owner” account (this option is available on your dashboard, after you login to your “General User” account). This [...]read moreSubmit a Business with your “Business Owner” account

Create a Booking Calendar

A Booking Calendar gives your customers the possibility to book services with your business. Your Booking Calendar is highly customizable. You can setup individual entries or bulk entries. Also, you can make your booking slots as paid ones if the services you offer need to be paid. Please see below a Demo Video about the [...]read moreCreate a Booking Calendar

Banner Setup

Your business banner should be 1100×400 pixels size. If you upload a different picture size that image will be cropped automatically from its middle-bottom section. We are planning to make this process easier for you. Please subscribe to Voltpot® newsletter in order to get the latest news about our platform updates. See a demo video [...]read moreBanner Setup