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      Kyle McConnie

      Title:Twitch Advertising of VoltPot
      Name: TAV
      Term: 3 cycle
      Cycle Amnt: 8600 VPC
      Total Amnt: 25800 VPC
      Author: KyleOnaBoat
      Receiver: Kyleonaboat
      Address: vn5NshVb3SzTzjkQeCSNxwhjfXdKzoSyZs
      Created: 24/07/2021
      Status: submitted

      yo yo everyone! 32 here! names Kyle lol and no i dont punch drywall ! i play a plethora of stuff from call of duty to animal crossing lol. play alot of pc and ps4 and switch stuff. twitch affiliated might try and push for partner idk ye but im have 2 sponsors trying to get me on board with them, both are energy drink companies, but id be more then happy to make a spot on my channel for VPC!!!
      https://twitch.tv/kyleonaboat if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask or message me. i hope i did this right lol

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      Bogdan Robu

      First, thank you for your proposal and I’m glad to see people interested in this project but I think it’s way out of proportion this offer.
      I had a look on your twitch channel, you have 156 followers and your videos have between 20-60 between views, so a very small audience, and out of them I’m not sure if one is even interested in green energy projects, and maybe just a few who actually deal with cryptocurrency.
      I think the amount you ask is more appropriate for someone who actually worked a lot on this project, and who actually can promote it to people who work in the electric industry, green energy projects, etc…

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        Kyle McConnie

        Hey Robert, I get between 2000-5000 clicks on my page a day, weather they follow or not I can’t control that. ive had the account for 1 month on the affiliate level to where twitch pays me to stream. I have 3 energy drink sponsors that im probably not going to sign with(dont really drink energy drinks) the amount can be lowered to a more reasonable amount im not opposed to that at all. Ekkakon is one of my goo buddies so I have no problem getting this out there in anyway I can. im apart of VERY large community’s on discord (1000+ member communities) and and a lot of them are starting to know who I am. All of this was started a month ago so for one month to hit affiliate (hit it on my birthday 06/26/21) is an amazing achievement for anyone who streams. mostly I made the proposal to help get the name out. I have advertising space on my page for a few things and I dont mind advertising VPC on there. ive looked into it a bit ore and I can’t get in trouble advertising the project just not the coin. you and ekkakon can tell me the amount that would be more reasonable. and tbh I haven’t messed around with crypto myself in a few months due to building the community I made for both the twitch accounts. I forgot to mention my wife also streams (she’s a lot better with the view then I am) but this 2 accounts that the advert can be on for you guys!if you go to my page and click about an advert would be there for VP project. also can mention it while live. would be the same thing id have to do for the other 3 sponsors I have pending. the only thing different is they give me product and cash for the space. they dont care much about the clicks a long as I show the product and mention what I have/drinking.

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        Bogdan Robu

        Thanks for explaining that. I must admit, I haven’t used twitch before and it’s all new to me. We will consult with Ekkakon and let you know about our counter-offer.

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      Robert VP

      It’s nice to see people interested in promoting green energy projects. 🙂

      I’m not very familiar with twitch.tv, hence can you tell or post some pictures about how this advertising campaign would work? How do you plan to promote this project on twitch? Thanks

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      Kyle McConnie

      the views that you see on the video are off stream views. most of my streams push 500 – 700 live views. and again I can’t make anyone do anything. if they follow that’s cool if not oh well.

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