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      I’m creating this budget proposal in order to get funds to be used in the future for Voltpot project marketing, advertising and development. This proposal’s wallet address will only be used to get funds from VPC governance budget and donations, while any payments out of it will be used to pay for marketing, advertising or development actions.

      Title: Marketing Advertising Development budget VoltPot
      Name: MAD-Budget-VP
      Term: 10 cycle
      Cycle Amnt: 8640 VPC
      Total Amnt: 86400 VPC
      Author: Ekkakon
      Receiver: Ekkakon
      Address: vb7t496rtDMHLCDckLUVaEWZX2XHEM2L86
      Created: 5/11/2021
      Status: submitted

      Fee hash:

      Vote hash:

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