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      Krystian Jankowski

      Hi can You kindly add discord server for faster and better communication ? also explorer of VPC don’t open today. Cheers

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      Thanks Krystian for your suggestion. Can’t promise myself that Discord will be implemented or another alternative will be considered. We will look though into improving our way of communication. That’s for sure. I’ll pass over your suggestion to the dev team anyway.

      The problem with VPC explorer is being dealt with right now. I don’t know more details about it yet.

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      Krystian Jankowski

      Hi if You and the dev team will allow me I can create a server on Discord for VoltPotCoin and manage it then when the team joins I can give them a Team role and I will set a Support role for myself. Will be nicer to contact you guys and make an announcement, links to all websites regarding VoltPot. Just let Me know what You think. Regards

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      Kate Ross

      There is now a Discord server for VoltPotCoin available HERE.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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