Electric Cars are not a new concept

Electric Cars are not a new concept

Why Electric Cars reappear ?

Electric Cars are getting more and more popular these days. Many of us are looking at them as being a new, innovative movement in the transportation sector. Do you think the concept is new?

electric car in 1941

Not quite. The truth is quite opposite:

The electric car concept is not new at all. The first electric car was actually build in 1828.

Yes, this is 190 years ago! Can you imagine this? Apparently, the main reason why the electric car gave up in front of the gasoline and diesel cars was its range. Even in our days, this “issue” is still there. Despite the fact that we developed technology for fast-charging the batteries, overall, the battery’s capacity is not likely to improve much.

So what is different today, compared to what it was almost two centuries back?

Obviously, it’s the new technology and the much improved communication being available worldwide.

These two factors are in fact, the internet’s fabric. We have access now to vast functional networks. Wonder how the internet will “charge” your electric car ?!

Here, at VOLTPOT®, we think that we’ve found a way to do it (read our article here).

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Here is a short history about the Electric Car evolution





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