eHighway – by Siemens

eHighway – by Siemens

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eHighway might be a way…

What’s “eHighway” ?

ehighway by siemens

The trucks on our highways are a real burden for the environment.

This is not making them worse than the normal ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. In fact, the significant higher number of cars on our streets is making them more polluting than commercial trucks.

Siemens is making from the “eHighway” project, a big step in fighting the climate change.

They developed “special” highway lanes for electric and hybrid trucks.

It’s claimed that every truck would save €16.000 every 100.000km just from the fuel price (diesel vs. electricity). The difference being made to the environment by using electricity instead of diesel is also showing a huge figure: >7.000.000 tones/year CO2 savings (considering only 30% of the German highway trucks traffic).

This is all that’s needed for:

  • Energy supply
  • Pantograph
  • Hybrid drive or fully electric engine

Benefits and highlights of eHighway:

  • Innovative freight traffic solution
  • Combines efficiency of electified railroads with flexibility of trucks
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Applicable for various use cases: Shuttle transport, Electrified freight transport in mines, Electrified long-haul traffic
  • Consists of three core elements: the energy supply, the pantograph, and hybrid drive technology

How this project looks like in real life:


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