Charging Stations Financing for businesses (UK)

Charging Stations Financing for businesses (UK)

Financing for installing Electric Car charging stations

If you have a business located in the UK you can get financing from the Government if you decide to install charging stations.

UK Government financing for businesses who install charging stations

We think you have to read about this Workplace Charging Scheme first. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme that provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge stations.

It will give you up to £500 off the cost of installation of electric charging points to encourage more employees to go electric in the future.

What’s more, drivers of electric vehicles will not incur a BIK (Benefit In Kind) charge for electricity used at work.

Just bear in mind that not only your employees might benefit of your business charging facilities. Your customers will also be more than happy to charge their vehicles at your site. Therefore, you have now the best opportunity to register your business on the VOLTPOT® map. You will get much more than just a simple advertising service. You will push your business into the future in no time.

If you know about any other similar programs available in your country, please share it with us by dropping a comment to this article.

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