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Climate Change – the biggest threat to future generations

Climate change is a bitter reality. Saying that climate change doesn’t exist, it will be just a simple and dangerous denial of facts. We can fight and win, together. The Facts Our children are facing a different World than we experienced at their age. Climate Change is an undeniable reality. Electric Energy is needed by everyone. You are using it right [...]read moreClimate Change – the biggest threat to future generations

Google Plus is closing

google plus is closingIt's been announced by Google that Google Plus (Google+) service will close on the 2nd April 2019.

As you already know, VOLTPOT® platform is highly integrated with the main Social Media websites, including the Google Plus service. As this service will be suspended from April 2019, we will remove the "Google+" button/link from our platform as well. [...]

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Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

voltpot privacy policy updatePrivacy Policy on our platform has just been updated.

It's important for us to be open about what we're doing to develop a better experience for you, hence we've just updated our Privacy Policy.

A full description of information that we share, such as your reviews and feedback, your preferences, fraud information and selected browsing information, can be found in our updated Privacy Statement. [...]

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