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Is your business ready for the future?

your business surviving voltpotYour business might close its doors sooner than you think.

Hopefully that your business will never have to face very hard times. We were telling you, though, on a previous article, about different types of businesses which closed their doors recently.

How likely it is though, for the same thing to happen to you? [...]

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Close Your Business ?

are you ready to close your businessThere are more and more car dealers deciding to close their business.

You might be wondering why is that happening?

Obviously, there could be [...]

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” Volt Spotter ” ?! See if you could be one !

volt spotter looking behind the wallWhat is a "Volt Spotter" ?

To be honest, our team came out with this "Volt Spotter" name. It all started when we've launched our iVolt-Spotted package. As the people registering on our platform by using this free subscription got more and more, we were looking for a title. [...]

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Quiz – February 2019

quiz electric cars voltpotFrom today we will have a monthly quiz for you to try.

Complete this quiz.

Share the result with your friends on social media and let us know about this. By doing so, you can get some perks from us...

See if you know some basic things about electric vehicles. The world is switching towards other energy sources rather than coal and oil. It's time for you to learn new things...


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Free membership offer

free membership offer from voltpotToday we activated our FREE membership promotional code for the Milli-Volt level subscription package.

It is suitable for almost any type of business. CLICK HERE to see our business categories.

The code* is :


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LIFETIME FREE membership giveaway contest

LIFETIME FREE mega volt level membership

Here it is your unique chance of getting one LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP* (RRP £8.550) completely FREE.

( This contest will be validated if the total number of participants is over 100. Hence it is very important to share it with your friends, not only for getting FREE additional entries for yourself. ) [...]

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Giveaway Program

Enter, Share and Win !

Today we've launched our Giveaway Program.

It is a very easy method for anyone to get FREE stuff now. All you need is just to fill in your name and your email address.


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