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Electric ATV by DRR

this is a fully functional electric ATV

An electric ATV project developed by an American Company is promising an adult compatible scale ATV, 100% electric.

The prototype is already functional and [...]

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Solar Panels producing energy without LIGHT ?

solar panels generating power from rainWe all know that the solar panels are useless during the night time and their efficiency is significantly reduced by the clouds, during the daytime.

It might be though a solution to these issues. A recent research conducted by a Chinese laboratory at Soochow University, demonstrates that we could harvest energy from solar panels even it's dark outside. To be more precise, [...]

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Electric ride for Santa !

electric snowmobile taiga ts2As these days, many good kids are waiting for Santa, we thought you would like to know about this possible (electric) upgrade to Santa's classic sleigh.

In some of our previous articles we brought to your attention different types of electric vehicles, such as electric tractors for agriculture or electric flying "bikes".

This time we would like you to see an electric [...]

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Buzz sound you will never hear on the MoonBuzz... Buzz... But, why ?

I remember going one day in a forest. With our kids, our dog, nice weather, summer time, fresh air, birds singing, what could be more relaxing?! Everything nice, until we started to hear a buzz... Walking just a bit further, we realised where from that sound was coming. [...]

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Did you know this about Electric Cars ?

electric car in 1941Electric Cars are getting more and more popular these days. Many of us are looking at them as being a new, innovative movement in the transportation sector.

Not many, though, knows that the truth is quite opposite: the electric car concept is not new at all. The first electric car was actually build in 1828. Yes, this is 190 years ago! Can you imagine this? Apparently, the main reason  [...]

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Flying bike

flying bike evtol hoverbike

Get yourself on this electric "flying bike" and off you go !

We were telling you recently about an electric tractor being available on the market, but who was thinking that a "flying bike" is also out there? Recently, an eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) vehicle hit the market: Scorpion 3 Hoverbike (S3 2019 Hoverbike).

According to CNN, Dubai Police already purchased this electric flying vehicle and [...]

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Electric powered Tractor

Electric Tractor. Really?

electric tractor e100 vario

Almost everyone on this planet heard about electric cars. What about other types of vehicles, like agricultural tractors. Did you know there is already an electric tractor on the market ?

Here it is Fendt e100 Vario electric tractor. It has regular and fast-charging facilities. Also by implementing the ability to power via a power take-off shaft or electric motors, Fendt claims [...]

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