Post of Casino – test on 2018 Jul 3rd at 08:07:44

Post of Casino – test on 2018 Jul 3rd at 08:07:44

casino game table with builtin charging power source

You can charge your phone while playing at the table. Good luck !

Post of Highcross Leicester on 2018 Jul 2nd at 04:17:25

highcross leicester mobile phone charging enclosure

At the ground level you will find one of our secured enclosures for charging your device while shopping . Please check with other stores and restaurants on our site as additional Volt-Spots might be available for you.

Post of Haley’s Hotel -testing on 2018 Jun 27th at 12:24:04

charge a renault zoe on a driveway at home

Reserve your Volt-Spot on our site in order to charge your vehicle during your stay , by using the “Bookings” tab at the top. – this is a test message

Post of B&Q on 2018 Jun 27th at 09:16:34

usb power bank sample product

We can borrow you one of our power banks batteries so you can shop and charge your device as well.* Please note you have to hand back over the power bank at checkout .

Post of Car charging TEST on 2018 Jun 25th at 09:06:59

house solar panels voltpot

The main source for charging your car are the solar panels being installed on our roof. There is no need to say that they are not only saving us money but they are also generating INCOME by having valuable customers like you, charging their electric cars while my car is not parked on the driveway [...]read morePost of Car charging TEST on 2018 Jun 25th at 09:06:59

Post of SHELL gas station on 2018 Jun 16th at 04:16:00

shell charging point for electric cars

We are coming ahead of times and offer you ELECTRIC charge as well as fuel supply . Check our offers for VoltPot users !

Post of Casino – test on 2018 Jun 16th at 03:54:39

secured enclosure voltpot charge

When you play in our Casino, you can safely charge your device. Just ask at our Reception desk or alternatively book a time slot by using our Bookings tab above .

Post of KFC on 2018 Jun 16th at 12:35:53

power socket to charge your device in a restaurant

It’s not hard at all to have a VOLT SPOT in your restaurant.

Post of KFC on 2018 Jun 16th at 12:27:31

charge your laptop while having your lunch

We have identified that some restaurants in our chain have already Volt-Spot tables, where our customers can charge their devices while tasting our delicious food .