Solar Ka Trading - We've seen the future, and it's electric!


We are multi-national cooperative engineering ideas with automotive installation #IOT initiative design because we believe at creativity that can impact every once life

EOCharging EOGenius EOBasic CharlieJardine HomeCharging.

We are researching on the basic of climate business information with our cooperative opinions to implement business opportunities for developing renewable infrastructure and signing procreative energy deals in future.

We are ahead of what must people be seen as inevitable legislative in renewable energy.

We understand the need to educate and inform the public in the advantages of using clean energy for our daily gain. Our growing national network provides us an informed consultation in respect to simple and effective solutions with solar energy in access to:

  • Smart-batteries -tech
  • EV charger-tech
  • e-mobility- tech
  • Grid-Share-tech
  • Solar-roof-top
  • Energy-Storage-tech for better clean energy power supplying

And we know that It’s through our cooperative vision that make us the gate way to renewable-tech in Africa.

We are a EO Charging UK  representative  here, in South Africa.

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11, Sylvan Grove Glenwood, 4001, Durban, Africa