An independent renewable energy consultancy with over 7 years experience focused on solar PV

Over the years PV has been somewhat of a roller coaster.

photon project management solar panels systemThe ebb and flow created by disruptive reductions in the FiT rates in the early years and the current uncertainty with deployment quotas creates an ever growing need to keep a control on overheads.

This is where a flexible resource can offer your business the expertise you need, when you need it and with a degree of flexibility to how you can engage with it. That’s where we come in. Use us when you need us, don’t pay for an expensive resource during the months that jobs are maturing. We can build trust at first and from there we can work more intuitively to help you win more projects by sharing some of our knowledge with you.

Below are few examples of the kinds of hurdles we are used to helping jump over!


    We’re finding that more and more systems require export limitation controls .

    We are already working with a number of manufacturers that can build bespoke panels to overcome this growing stipulation from the DNOs.

    Some inverter manufacturers are also able to provide export controls including SolarEdge & SMA.



    Roofs are becoming and ever increasingly crowded space.

    Shading Issues and panel performance have driven the development of technologies such as SolarEdge’s DC Optimised inverters.

    Within our team, we have “Advanced Installer Trained”designers who are more than familiar with these innovative systems.



    Non-Penetrating systems are required on new and existing membrane roofs.

    There are a number of options out there from K2 S-Dome, Renusol and as in the example given above Solion.

    Careful consideration is needed for these systems as ballast can become a real structural issue if not considered in the design.

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