Petrified Wood Indonesia - Learns to respect stones as part of human's life and the heritage of the earth.

Petrified Wood Indonesia is local private company, located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Established since 1983. Already experienced much in stone management, learns to respect stones as part of human's life and the heritage of the earth.

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About Petrified Wood Indonesia

Established in 1983, By CV. KARYA BERSAMA is a locally owned private company nestled in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. With decades of experience in stone management, our journey has been an ode to honoring stones as an integral part of human life and the earth’s heritage.

Our core focus lies in exploration, production, trading, and installation of petrified wood or wood fossils sourced from diverse regions across Indonesia. Our innovative approach in this domain revolves around unlocking creativity in exploring the artistry of stone, aiming to ensure everyone can appreciate its innate beauty.

At CV. KARYA BERSAMA, our petrified wood brings forth a rustic charm, enhancing interior home design. Ranging from polished to natural states, each piece carries its distinct character with cracks, holes, and knots, showcasing its uniqueness and rarity.

Petrified Wood: Earth’s Treasured Story

Petrified wood, a stone mirroring the exact appearance of wood, enthralls with its intricate details. While resembling wood, it stands stronger and heavier, preserving the remarkable tree rings and history within. Unearthing a piece of petrified wood amidst a field unveils a tale of a magnificent tree from millions of years past, immortalized in its original form for our appreciation today.

The petrification process begins with trees being buried under sand, volcanic ash, or similar substances, deterring decay and allowing the transformation into stone. Immersed in water and subjected to specific conditions, the trees’ cells dissolve, imprinting the exact cellular shape into the stone.

Petrified wood manifests in an array of colors, influenced by the soil’s chemical composition. Though primarily quartz crystal, the addition of diverse elements infuses varying hues: carbon for black, copper for green or blue, manganese for pink/orange, and iron for orange, red, or yellow.

CV. KARYA BERSAMA takes pride in preserving nature’s ancient treasures, offering petrified wood that echoes stories of our planet’s rich history and unparalleled beauty.

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