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Tank storage and Logistics service

The international logistics company HOYER is one of the worldwide market leaders in moving liquids by road, rail and sea which has now introduced the HOYER FLEXI TANK groups whom are responsible for Tank Storage, logistics and Transportation. Wherever they may go, HOYER will get chemicals, foodstuffs, gas and mineral oil to their destinations safely and efficiently via Pipelines injections, in Tank containers, road tankers, flexitanks and IBCs. HOYER FLEXI TANK also has numerous logistics facilities with depots, cleaning stations and workshops.

HOYER Group, has been in existence for years. Profit-oriented business administration taking the concerns of the environment and staff into account has been and still is the core element of our management philosophy – the philosophy that has made HOYER so successful yielding multiple business sections including the creation of HOYER FLEXITANKS and has led to its current size.

In future markets, the tone will be set by those storage & logistics companies which are in a position to offer integrated Crude storage & logistics solutions. HOYER FLEXITANK is a pioneer in this field and has developed storage & logistics services as the perfect complement to its other activities. The relationship with the customers has always been one of partnership and trust. Something that employees at HOYER are proud of.

Our base is far back in time; most of HOYER staffs are between 15 and 18 years of experience. With all the passing developments of the present time in your mind, it may be difficult for you to get a picture of the business world in the 80s and 90s of the last century, but with HOYER FLEXITANK, we bring the services of Tank Storage and Logistics to your door step with ease.

In recent years – thanks to our focused knowledge, experience and attitude in storage & logistics service – an increasing number of companies have been able to find us for their specific storage & logistic purposes. It often concerned assignments with a certain time pressure. In the end it has transformed us into a worldwide storage & logistics service provider in this field and much more!.

At HOYER FLEXITANK, we offer 100% customers service and quality and durable Tank Storage Facilities and transportation with quality logistics.


For tank storage and logistics purposes, please visit www.hoyerflexitank.nl



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