Developing the energy solution of The Future

Freschfield is developing the energy solution of The Future.

We are implementing some of the most advanced & innovative green technologies in the world. Freschfield’s high-performance building platforms represent a masterful combination of state-of-the-art diverse technologies merged into one energy-producing building material. It will revolutionise the way that new cities are being built, and by retrofitting, will convert existing buildings into energy self-sustaining structures.

freschfields smart renewable energy using quantum physics Once fitted, our High-Performance Building Platforms are able to generate and store enough energy to heat, cool and power a building 24/7 regardless of angle, shade or climate.

Our software and hardware combination is processing information to achieve an appropriate response to the energy demand of the buildings.

Freschfield’s technology integrates quantum physics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which not only take care of the harvested energy, but also optimise the overall usage and maintenance of the buildings, transforming them into super-utilities where the daily needs for energy management of all residents are being predicted & catered for.

Energy self-sustaining buildings in new & existing cities built with our smart panels, will mean phasing out of conventional power plants and not having to invest in such new plants.

The air would no longer be polluted and the environment would become green again.

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December 2023

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