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Privacy Policy update – 07 Jan 2019

voltpot privacy policy updatePrivacy Policy on our platform has just been updated.

It's important for us to be open about what we're doing to develop a better experience for you, hence we've just updated our Privacy Policy.

A full description of information that we share, such as your reviews and feedback, your preferences, fraud information and selected browsing information, can be found in our updated Privacy Statement. [...]

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Buzz sound you will never hear on the MoonBuzz... Buzz... But, why ?

I remember going one day in a forest. With our kids, our dog, nice weather, summer time, fresh air, birds singing, what could be more relaxing?! Everything nice, until we started to hear a buzz... Walking just a bit further, we realised where from that sound was coming. [...]

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How to avoid 45 tons carbon emission ?

leicester leys carbon emissionYou probably noticed that the carbon emission is making the news headlines these days. The reason is obvious: we are risking our civilisation's own existence by continuing to load the air with carbon dioxide.

Recently, one of our collaborators at VoltPot, visited this location in Leicester : Leys Leisure Center . [...]

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Did you know this about Electric Cars ?

electric car in 1941Electric Cars are getting more and more popular these days. Many of us are looking at them as being a new, innovative movement in the transportation sector.

Not many, though, knows that the truth is quite opposite: the electric car concept is not new at all. The first electric car was actually build in 1828. Yes, this is 190 years ago! Can you imagine this? Apparently, the main reason  [...]

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